GRC Framework

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Framework

The Challenge

Many regulators are using legacy governance, risk, and compliance systems. They are struggling to stay current with today’s dynamic regulatory environment.

The Solution

The HarmonyTech Governance, Risk, & Compliance (HGRC) Solution/Services Framework is a generic solution that regulators can configure to provide updated service offerings that incorporate current laws and regulations for their agency. The HGRC Services Framework is highly flexible and customizable for each agency’s unique needs.

The HGRC Services Framework contains the following regulatory functions:

Policy & Planning

Resources & Scheduling

Examination & Issues

Communications & Referrals

Tools & Surveys

Analytics & Reporting

Collaboration & Knowledge Management

Configuration & Administration

The HGRC Services Framework also includes the following technical features:

Defense-in-depth security with data encryption in transit and rest

Robust and scalable

Responsive design, micro-services, cloud-ready architecture

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